Bravery is by far the kindest word for stupidity,
don't you think?

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My life is my own. Crazy and out of my hands. I love every minute of it.

You have been warned.

The Fifth Doctor Pictures, Images and Photos

Meaning the door is open to request for a piece of work, whether it be sketches (varying in detail), photos, paintings or what have you. However I am still a tad busy in my life so my time to do MANY commissions will be slim. Thus, not a full "OPEN BRING ON THEM REQUESTS". I will take requests when I have the time.
But feel free to request, we'll talk. Also, always submit ideas that will be posted for free at my leisure.

The Fifth Doctor Pictures, Images and Photos

Do not be fooled by its commonplace appearance.
Like so many things,
it is not what outside,
but what is inside that counts


cross out the things you’ve done

Graduated high school
. Kissed someone. Collected something really stupid. Smoked a cigarette. Got so drunk you passed out. Rode every ride at an amusement park. Gone to a rock concert. Helped someone. Gone fishing. Watched four movies in one night. Gone long periods of time without sleep. Lied to someone. Snorted cocaine. Failed a class. Smoked weed. Dealt drugs. Been in a car accident. Been in a tornado. Been to a funeral. Burned yourself (not on purpose). Ran a marathon. Cried yourself to sleep Spent over $200 in one day. Flown on a plane. Cheated on someone. Been cheated on. Written a 10 page letter. Gone skiing. Been sailing. Have a best friend. Lost someone you loved. Shoplifted something. Been to jail. Dangerously close to being in jail. Skipped school. Had detention. Got in trouble for something you didn’t do. Stolen books from the library. Gone to a different country. Dropped out of school. Watched the “Harry Potter” movies. Had an online diary. Had a yard sale. Had a lemonade stand. Actually made money at the lemonade stand. Been in a school play. Been fired from a job. Swam with dolphins. Taken a lie detector test. Voted for someone on a reality TV show. Written poetry. Read more than 20 books a year. Gone to Europe Loved someone you shouldn’t have. Used a coloring book over age 12. Had surgery. Had stitches. Taken a taxi. Seen the Washington Monument. Had more than 5 IM’s/online conversations going at once. Overdosed. Been in a fist fight. Gone surfing in California. Had a hamster/guinea pig. Pet a wild animal. Used a credit card. Did “spirit day” at school. Dyed your hair. Got a tattoo. Got straight A’s. Been on the Honor Roll. Know someone with HIV or AIDS. Made-out with someone. Played on a sports team. Snuck out of the house Swore at a teacher.  Gone laser tagging. Had a romantic relationship. Been on the TV. French braided. Skinny-dipped. Driven a car. Performed in front of an audience. Gone bungee-jumping. Been to Mexico. Crashed a car. Sky dived. Been kissed in the rain. Made an 11:11 wish. Drank alcohol. Forwarded a chain letter. Made a mistake.

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I was working with a client trying to setup a new cloud account.

Client: I don’t understand why we are setting up the Google. I just want to access my files.

Me: Well, a Google Drive account will allow you to access your files.

Client: But I don’t understand how the Google works!


Invade my privacy. Do it. DO IT.


Purple: 10 facts about my room

Blue: 9 facts about my family

Green: 8 facts about appearance

Yellow: 7 facts about my childhood

Orange: 6 facts about my home town

Red: 5 facts about my best friend

Pink: 4 facts about my parents

White: 3 facts about my personality

Grey: 2 facts about my favorite things

Black: 1 fact about the person I like

bigcountryaz asked
I hope u did take sunscreen. I'm the idiot who didn't think about it :(

I did and reapplied and even brought an umbrella but I am so ridiculously fair skinned (and haven’t been outside more than a couple of minutes in a while) I still got a little burned. xD

This really happened and confirmed why I'm friends with these people

*Randomly hear friends talking about voodoo and magic (one is a practicing wizard the other is married to a practicing green witch so these convos happen often)*

Me in the bathroom vomiting from morning sickness: you remind me of the babe...

Friend 2: *confused* what babe?

Friend 1: the babe with the power

Friend 2: *honest to god lost at this point* what power?

Me: the power of voodoo

Friend 1: who do?

Me: you do

Friend 2: *at this point stuttering about and making odd noises in his confusion* do what?

Friend 1: remind me of the babe!

Me: ........ this is why I love you....

Friend 1: done puking yet I have to pee

I actually excited about tomorrow

I am going to Luke Days at the Air Force Base! I haven’t been to see it since I was very young. I’m really excited for no real reason xD I’ve been running around my house muttering “What do I need, what do I need?” for the past two hours.